General Questions:

1. Can I still take my medications if instructed not to eat or drink anything after midnight?

Medications will be reviewed with a nurse during your pre-operative nursing history prior to the day of surgery/procedure. The nurse will instruct you on which medications can be taken on the day of surgery.

2. Do I need someone to drive me home?

Yes, due to the anesthesia medications you received during your procedure. If you are not having any anesthesia medications during your procedure, you may be allowed to drive home. Please discuss this possibility with the nurse at LCSC.

3. When will I know what time to arrive for my procedure/surgery?

You will be notified of your arrival time on the day prior to your scheduled procedure.

Why do you wait until the day before to give out arrival times?

To avoid confusion if the surgery schedule needs to be changed by the physician or we have a cancellation.

Patients may have to be rearranged according to age (children first), health status (diabetics), and/or procedure being performed.

Patients being transported by any public transportation will need to notify LCSC staff so arrangements can be made ahead of time. Patients also need someone to come with them.

4. Can I go back with my child to the OR for their procedure?

No. For safety concerns, it is the policy of LCSC that only employees, physicians, or students be present in the OR/procedure rooms. Employees with family members undergoing surgery are reassigned to other rooms as well.

Billing Questions:

1. Will I have to make a payment on the date of my surgery?

Yes. You will be contacted prior to your procedure date with an estimate of your financial responsibility. LCSC offers several different payment options.

2. Will you file (bill) my insurance?

Yes, we will file (bill) all insurances and are in-network with most plans.

3. What type of payments does LCSC accept?

We accept cash, check, money order, and all major credit cards.

4. Is there interest applied to account balances?

No, LCSC does not charge interest on account balances.

5. Will I receive a bill from anyone else when I have my procedure at LCSC?

Yes, there will also be charges from the anesthesiologist, your surgeon, and a laboratory if tissue or body fluids are sent for testing. These charges will be billed separately to you and/ or your insurance company.

6. If I am a private pay (self pay) patient is there a minimum amount I have to pay down?

Yes, you will be required to pay at least 50% down on your surgery date. The amount due will depend on the procedure you are having performed. Please contact our billing office if you have questions at 606-678-9688!